Our studio

Our Team

Decode LS is formed by a team of certified translators, proofreaders and copy editors graduated from several universities of Argentina.

Our Values

Regardless of the growing demand in the industry of translation, our studio comes through as the result of the collaboration and interaction between colleagues after several years of working together. Honesty, commitment, humility, team work, responsibility, professionalism and confidentiality are the foundation of our identity as a company, and this is what we try to put into practice everyday.

La sinceridad, el compromiso, la humildad, el trabajo en equipo, la responsabilidad, el profesionalismo y la confidencialidad son las bases de nuestra identidad como sociedad, y eso es lo que pretendemos poner en práctica día a día.

Origins and mission

We are a compact, homogenous and synchronized group of professionals that can offer reliability, effectiveness and punctuality. All this makes Decode LS sthe perfect combination between a freelance translator and a language studio.

We have a work philosophy which is very simple and fully oriented to obtaining satisfactory results. Our two main goals are:

- Performing a high quality work.
- Allowing the client to achieve the objective that brought them to us.

We think that any failure to fulfill either of these two goals can only bring dissatisfaction. For this reason, we never take on projects that we cannot approach professionally or that have impossible deadlines.

Added Value

We offer a broader and more personalized service, since our responsibility not only lies on the work we deliver but also on our clients´ interests.Decode LS looks after the interests of their clients and knows that team work is always the best road to success.

Our Professional Team

Our work team is composed by a large number of professionals that collaborate on a daily basis in the different stages of our projects. All these professionals have university degrees, and most of the translators we work with have also obtained certification on proofreading and copy editing in Spanish.

In addition to this, the members and managers of Decode LS, as well as most of our collaborators, are certified by the CTPCBA (Association of Sworn Translators of Buenos Aires), where they actively participate in the organization of training seminars, conferences and workshops.

Professional certifications:


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