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Text editing is not just another step in the quality assurance process of a translation project. It constitutes a specialty like any other, which sometimes can be even more complex and demanding than the translation itself. For this reason, Decode LS provides a real editing and proofreading service.

Although in many cases, the task of comparing a translation with the original text can be performed by another translator than can verify that the translation is semantically accurate, the Spanish language is a very complex linguistic system and has many conventions, which are regulated by the Real Academia Espanola, and that translators are not always aware of.

Certified professionals

In addition to their University Degrees in Translation, the founders of Decode LS have also obtained a degree of International Certified Proofreaders and Copy Editors (Fundación Litterae-Fundéu) and are specialists in the Spanish language.

Working with such professionals allows us to carry out a translation process with a more reduced amount of errors, which simplifies the editing phase, as our translators are better acquainted with the rules of Spanish in terms of grammar, orthography, punctuation and syntax. Moreover, our team of translators-editors can spot more easily any language mistakes coming from the translation phase. Therefore, our work method covers all the possible angles where mistakes occur and gives us the possibility to provide a service that complies with the most strict quality assurance control in the market.

Team work

Every linguistic project calls for the supervision of a specialist in the mother tongue the text is translated into, and all the translators must rely on the specialized knowledge of an editor and a proofreader. In the first case, as a means of facing the translation with fresh eyes; in the second case, to consider the text as a unit.

Experience shows that, in spite of all the technical knowledge in their fields of expertise, engineers, doctors or lawyers, for instance, do not have the same linguistic tools and command that a professional writer has to produce a grammatically and stylistically correct text, simply because their working fields are not language.

Consequently, during the translation process linguists often come across unclear textual pieces with ambiguities and no terminological uniformity. This is why, Decode LS encourages its clients not only to make use of our translation service, but also to request a thorough revision of the texts prior to the translation process.


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