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Decode LS has an exclusive Department fully dedicated to coordinate projects within this field of expertise, and our team of legal certified translators allows us to offer a translation service that meets our clients' deadlines without altering or risking the quality of the project.

Legal translations

Within the field of translation, the judicial area entails greater demands. A mistranslation or an unclear piece of text could result in countless economic and legal damages.

Consequently, the main premise of Decode LS is to carefully select professionals that have thorough knowledge of the different legal areas, in order to avoid common mistakes and fuzzy sentences of judicial language, and to offer an unquestionable service with clarity of words and terminological accuracy. Thus, many of our linguists are certified legal translators and also lawyers, and are perfectly acquainted with all the differences of the judicial systems involved in each translation.

Public translations

Our company also provides a service of certified translations for all of the documents that have been written in a foreign language and have to be filed before entities, companies or public organization of Argentina or other countries. This job is performed exclusively by translators certified by the Colegio de Traductores Públicos de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires (Associataion of Sworn Translators of Buenos Aires), who are the only ones entitled to certify the validity of a translation.


Decode LS works under a clear and simple confidentiality policy. Our main objective is to protect our clients' interests, for both economic and ethical reasons, which should be an obligation implied in our work as professionals.

By means of confidentiality agreements with all the professionals working with us, our company is committed to preserving the privacy and confidential nature of all the documents we receive. All the information, written documentation and data provided to us will only be used for the purpose specified by our clients, and will never be revealed to third parties, unless otherwise arranged by our client.

-Legal actions, trial records and testimonies -Arbitrations -Demands -Legal resolutions -Patents and trademarks -Demands -Government reports -Affidavits -Contracts -Judicial and testimonial transcriptions -Legalizations -Licenses -Certificates -Laws and regulations -Technical information for trials -Experts appraisals


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