Localization is the adaptation of a product or service to the language, culture, and physical requirements of another market. Localization is often mixed up with translation, and although the latter encompasses the first one, localization is a more complex process than just a mere translation of words.

Software localization

Software localization is the adaptation of software and all of its contents to a particular country, which includes, for instance, the translation of menus and messages (dialog boxes), user interfaces, graphics, colors, and so on. For this reason, if you want to globalize your software, the localization of your product must have an outstanding translation quality, as well as coherence and uniformity.

During every software localization project, we carry out a rigorous analysis of your product and of the market for which it will be localized. Then, we select our team and optimize the tools that best adapt to the requirements of your software, which allows us to ensure a process that can work cooperatively with your efforts to globalize your product.

Website localization

The world is a complex combination of languages and cultures, and nowadays more than 50% of any company's revenues come from their subsidiaries abroad. It is undeniable that there is not just one language that dominates Internet, since users prefer to read the Web in their own languages. Considering this, your company can not ignore these facts, which in turn will help you get inside a broader and more profitable market.

If your company is only commercializing your products on a domestic level, then localizing you website should be the first step towards international market. Undoubtedly, the future success of any product can only be guaranteed by its e-presence, so your website should be perfectly localized in order to achieve your goals both locally and internationally.

Videogame Localization

Videogame localization is a task that requires a broad knowledge of different technical, linguistic and cultural factors that must never be taken for granted. The diversity of the fields of knowledge, the themes and the short period of life of a videogames in the market forces the localizer to have several capacities in order to carry out a high quality project.

In each videogame localization project, our company performs an integral analysis of the product to be localized and of the market on which it will be inserted so as to be able to select the best team of translators, editors and engineers that will be in charge of localizing your product. We have a large team of freelance collaborators and project managers specialized in this area that will develop a thorough evaluation of the tasks required in order to select the best possible team of professional to guarantee a final product of superior quality.


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